Why You Might Want To Downsize Your Home

Being in the house so much this year has motivated many of us to purge or donate unwanted and unnecessary belongings. As a result, we've come to learn that we can actually get by with much less and still be perfectly comfortable.

Perhaps this realization has even led you to consider downsizing to a smaller home!

If you're on the fence, we're here to encourage you to make the move and tell you why bigger doesn't necessarily mean better.

Who Should Consider Downsizing

Empty Nesters

Do you really need those 3 extra bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, an office, library, den, family room and dining area? Probably not.

Buyers Who Are Relocating

Some newcomers want to get a good sense of the area before committing to a larger property in a particular neighborhood. Moving into a smaller home that fits their needs for now may be just what they need to begin their life here in this beautiful Queen City.


If you love the hustle and bustle of city life, get ready to downsize a bit and start shopping for smaller footprint furniture!

Minimalists or Those Who Want To Live More Modestly

Buyers looking to live modestly and save more money for travel and adventure or to simply save money to invest in future expenditures are also perfect candidates for cutting back on their homes.

Benefits of Downsizing

Less Maintenance

Bigger homes are often on bigger lots. Mowing, landscaping, raking up leaves, and general property maintenance is required. The larger the home the more maintenance required to both the property and the dwelling.

More Money

This one grabbed your attention, didn't it? Well, if you aren't spending all of your money on a home, you'll most likely have additional money on hand to travel, dine out, and explore the fun activities Charlotte has to offer. Whether you're into rock climbing at Inner Peaks, sipping craft beer at the Olde Mecklenburg Brewery or scoring a Target bargain, what's not to love about saving money and enjoying fun activities?

Less Clutter

We've already touched on this a tiny bit, but the old adage is true. The bigger the home, the more stuff you fill it with. We've all been knee deep in a closet stuffed with random toys, chotchkies, clothes, boots and whatever else that was tossed in there before company came to visit. It's the homeowner version of "cleaning up your bedroom" by stuffing your stuff under your bed. Anxiety builds the more stuff you have. The bigger the home, the more tempting it is to fill it with stuff you may or may never really use or want over time.

Easier to Resell

Did you know? The less expensive your home, the easier it is to resell? That's right! There are more buyers in the $100,000-300,000 price range than any other in the market for single family homes. The reason for that is because of the median household income and what people feel comfortable spending on a property.

Environmental Impact

Did you know that according to the United Nations our population is expected to reach 8 Billion by 2023? Reducing your ecological footprint will ensure you are leaving space for our growing population.

Have you recently downsized? Let us know about it in the comments!


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