Local Business Spotlight: That Christmas Company

Today's spotlight will make your inner Clark Griswold very happy...

Because we're featuring That Christmas Company, a local female operated business that handles holiday design, decor, installation, and removal.

Local Business Spotlight on That Christmas Company

Company owner Farrah Dawn has been decorating people's homes for 14 years with her talented team- which is comprised of mostly single mothers who love the flexibilty, fun, and creativity that working for That Christmas Company offers.

Farrah's favorite part of helping clients make their homes look and feel festive is watching their faces when they see their home's transformation as well as seeing the sense of accomplishment from her employees.

Farmhouse style Christmas decor

White Christmas decor with a flocked tree

Farmhouse style Christmas decor

Her tip for decorating your home for Christmas?

"Don't go buying every little thing you see. Start big and work your way to the small. It takes less than you think if it's designed properly."

Farrah says That Christmas Company is unique because it brings a fresh perspective while keeping tradition. For residential clients, they like to make sure sentimental decor isn't hidden but designed into the big picture as well.

They'll design a fresh look with all new items you can use for years to come or install what clients already have and add some pieces to it here and there.

Farrah and her team also decorate for commercial clients.

Not only will That Christmas Company make your home look and feel festive, they'll even dress in holiday installation uniforms (if you choose that option).

That Christmas Company.
"We do it for the smiles. It's all about bringing people together."

In addition to decorating and removing, That Christmas Company will also organize the way that their clients store their decorations to ensure that the decorations are in great condition for the following year.

If you live in the Charlotte area and are interested in hiring this wonderful business, head on over to their website to request a quote.

Follow them on Instagram for some major inspiration and to see more of their beautiful transformations.

Please share some of your best holiday decor tips in the comments!


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