6 Tips for First Time Home Buyers

Buying a first home is a very exciting milestone in a person's life.

As you might have already figured out, the process of home buying is a bit overwhelming- even if it isn't your first time.

Not to worry though because we've got you covered with a couple of helpful tips from Brittney Wall, Dragonfly's Owner and Team Leader.

These aren't just specific to those living in or relocating to the Charlotte area. You can easily apply them to wherever you live!

  • Schedule a First Time Home Buyer Consultation.

Dragonfly offers a 30 minute meeting to determine a timeline and help establish the needs and goals of the buyers.

  • Talk to a lender!

If you need credit repair, you'll need time to do so. Waiting until 30 days before the end of your lease will not give you the time you need.

  • Familiarize yourself with potential neighborhoods.

Before you begin to see properties, take weekend drives through areas that you like and research how close they are to your favorite and/or most frequented spots, such as shops, restaurants, and schools.

  • Utililize Google Maps.

This is a good addition to the previous tip. Pull Google Maps up on your computer and bring it up side by side with your home search. Now you can easily input addresses of interest in order to see how far away they are from the places that you frequent most often.

You can even use Google Maps to put in a time of day (for instance, the time you typically leave for work) and not necessarily the time when you are searching for properties (when traffic might be lighter).

  • Be prepared to make an offer quickly when you find The One.

Homes go really fast in this market and multiple offers arequite common. We are trained to call the agent to check to see if multiple offers have been received.

  • Determine your non-negotiables.

If you are buying a home with a partner, you should sit together and separately write down your top three non-negotiables (2 car garage, an office or extra bedroom to make into an office, large kitchen with island, etc.). Compare and combine lists. If you have greater than three non-negotiables in total then you'll need to figure out a compromise on the rest!

What is your biggest piece of advice to someone who wants to purchase their first home? Anything you would have done differently yourself?

Let us know in the comments!

To those who are currently searching for their very first place, congratulations! Contact us if you are looking for an agent. We'd be honored to help you purchase your first home!


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