6 Essentials for Organizing Your Home

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In addition to time, motivation, and perhaps a glass of wine, you'll need a few essentials if you're serious about organizing your home in the New Year.

Today we're bringing you 6 essential tools to help you step up your organizing game in 2021!

6 essentials for organizing your home

Label Maker

There is hardly a thing in my house that isn't labeled. Labels just make it so easy to keep track of documents/records, folders, albums, toys... You name it! I'm really digging this label maker at the moment because it is both functional and adorable.

Chalk Labels & Chalk Pens

If you're really all about the pretty, you'll probably want to go the chalk label/pen route versus the label maker. They are especially ideal for labeling toy bins and pantry items. Chalk labels also look precious on mason jars.

Pretty Storage Baskets

The absolute simplest way to organize is to use baskets. Just toss like objects into a pretty storage bin or basket, and you'll practically seem like Mari Kondo. There are lots of basket options, but we always luck out by shopping for them at Target or on Amazon.

Under Sink Storage Drawers

We already raved about our favorite way to organize underneath a bathroom sink, so we hate to sound like a broken record... But you absolutely need these organizers in your life!

Drawer Organizers

Drawer organizers are a necessity in my humble opinion- especially when it comes to organizing the dreaded junk drawer (everyone's got one). They are also something that you don't have to spend a lot of money on because they're all basically the same. In fact, you can even find some good drawer organizers at your local dollar store. Amazon, Walmart, and Target are also other options.

Matching Hangers

Misatched hangers (and especially wire hangers) can make a closet look sloppy and disheveled even if it is not. That's why we prefer to have consistent hangers for an organized boutique-like feel. We are big fans of these NAHANCO 505 Plastic Dress Hangers! They look clean, have swiveling heads, and are a steal at less than $27 for a pack of 100 hangers.

Live in the Charlotte area? If organizing is overwhelming to you, we can help! Contact us to learn more about our home organizing services.


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