5 Reasons Why You Should Use A Realtor When Buying New Construction

Home buyers often ask if they should use a Realtor when looking at new construction.

Spoiler Alert: The answer is yes.

If you're wondering just why I recommend using an agent in this scenario, I have 5 reasons for you below!

5 Reasons Why You Should Use A Realtor When Buying New Construction
5 Reasons Why You Should Use A Realtor When Buying New Construction

1. We Fight for You.

Agents are there to represent the interests of YOU- the buyer. We aren't there to upsell you on the Level 4 cabinetry or the "luxe" en suite bathroom package. We keep the focus solely on how the home fits your wants and needs and will advocate for you along the way.

2. We Research Other Neighborhoods.

We can help you save thousands of dollars by finding a comparable home in another neighborhood that is close by. Sometimes there is a $60,000 difference between communities for the same exact house, and it often boils down to community amenities and location.

If you aren't the type who would use the Olympic size swimming pool, multiple tennis courts and golf course, and you're conscientious about cost, why not find a lot to build on in the less expensive neighborhood, right?

3. We Review Contracts.

Have you ever sat down to review a contract thinking, "I have no idea what I'm signing" as your head is spinning?

Well, imagine doing that with a $250,000 (or greater) purchase contract.

I don't know about you, but I wouldn't dream of signing something like that without an extra pair of eyes on it first!

4. We Monitor the Building Process.

Once you go under contract, you will be bombarded with lots of decisions to make regarding the construction of the new home, questions to answer from the lender, questions to answer from the attorney, etc., and it will become increasingly difficult to manage every little detail.

That's where an agent can really be helpful!

For instance, I stopped in to tour a client's home one time and found the contractors roughed in the dishwasher on the left when we specifically asked for it to be on the right hand side. I ensured that it was fixed at no additional cost to my buyer- and also spared them a few headaches.

5. We Are Often Paid by the Builder.

Many builders love cooperating with us and know that with so many moving parts, having a Realtor advocate for the buyer may lead to more successful sales.

However, if you are a buyer, be aware that if you register your name and contact info into a builder's database, they technically do not need to pay the agent you want to fight and advocate for you!

(So - when in doubt, contact your local Dragonfly Homes Realtor/Broker. We'll set the groundwork to find your brand new home!)


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