5 Reaons Why You Should Stage Your Home Before Listing

We all take pride in our homes, and it can be difficult to imagine how any potential buyers wouldn't just fall in love with our home immediately. After all, a house is a reflection of you and your unique tastes and interests.

We completely get it.

However, if you adopt the mentality that the house is no longer yours the minute you decide to list it, you'll have greater success in getting it sold quickly.

If this seems like too much of a stretch, here are 5 reasons that might convince you to consider staging your home.

  1. Potential buyers will be able to envision themselves living in the house if you remove your personal photos, souvenirs from your travels, collections, etc. You don't have to get rid of them! Just pack them away in a bin for safe keeping until you can happily display them in your new home.

  2. Neutral colors will please a wider range of audiences. So, you might want to consider swapping that vibrant blue dining room for one in a neutral grey tone instead.

  3. Less clutter means more ability for the buyers to really notice all of the key features and charm of the home without getting distracted or thrown off track. If this means stashing an extra end table in the garage, go for it!

  4. A staged home always looks neater and more organized (even if you've hidden all of the clutter away in the attic). Now is a good time to invest in bringing in a cleaning crew or setting some time aside on a weekend to KonMari the heck out of your house.

  5. Staging gets potential buyers in the door. We've all seen online listings where the accompanying photos make the home look like something straight out of a Pottery Barn catalog. And those are the homes we ask to see in person. Even if the house doesn't end up being "the one" for us, the staged photos got us in for a look.

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