Certain areas of the home can be overwhelming to decorate. Built-in bookshelves have always gotten the best of me!

Coffee tables are another hang-up for a lot of people. No one wants their table to look cluttered or sloppy, but it can also be hard to figure out how to make it look current and styled.

Good news: Decorating a coffee table doesn't have to be tricky. All you really need are a few key pieces (some of which you might already have in your home) and you'll have a beautiful, eye-catching coffee table.

Please note: This post contains some Amazon affiliate links.

1. Books

They are not only attractive, but they also make great conversation starters. We recommend your favorite classic novel or interesting books such as Humans of New York and Domino's The Book of Decorating. You can also scout your local thrift and antique stores for some unique finds!

2. Plants or greens

If you've read our tips on decorating with plants, you already know that we're fans of using greenery as decor. We also like Dried Pampas Grass Flower Arrangements for a little whimsy, and they can be found on Amazon and on etsy.

3. A pretty tray

We're partial to white, black, or gold. Wayfair has lots of affordable options!

4. A wood bead garland

Using a wooden garland as an accent piece is a simple way to add a little rustic or farmhouse feel to a room.

5. Candles

Oh, how we love thee. Let us count the ways... Candles can look really beautiful on a coffee table (especially pillar or mason jar candles), and they are also an excellent way to switch up your decor with the seasons. Name brand candles from stores like Target and Bath & Body Works are nice, but we highly recommend uncommon ones from shops like Waxhaw Candle Co. and Etsy.

What are your favorite coffee table accents?


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