Rebecca, an Organizing Consultant here at Dragonfly, recently told the team about some home organization accounts that she follows, and well, they were just too good to keep to ourselves.

These accounts are not only pretty to look at, but they are also motivating and give us the kick we need to get up and get organized.

We hope that you find some new accounts to follow for all things decluttering and organzing!

1. @home.aligned

If you desperately need to organize your pantry but could use a little motivation, browse through Anna's feed ASAP. From baskets to pretty chalk labels, it is total organizing eye candy.

2. @chaoscleared

Chaos Cleared somehow managed to make a cleaning cupboard look pretty which is no easy feat! Follow for inspiring photos and lots of great tips for keeping your home organized and tidy.

3. @nest_in_order

First of all, how cute is their name? And their feed? Absolutely beautiful. If this account doesn't influence you to get your nest in order, then nothing will!

4. @theorderlyspace

Jennifer Johnson and her team are so incredibly talented. We dare you to browse through their work without feeling a suddent urge to purge your closet.

5. @thehomeedit

Would any list like this be complete without mentioning Clea and Joanna of The Home Edit? They need no introduction, but in case you aren't familiar with them, binge watch their Netlfix show immediately!

What accounts get you motivated and inspired to declutter your home?


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