Our Story

Ever since she was a little girl, dragonflies have held a special meaning for Founder and Team Leader Brittney "Broker Britt" Wall.  

















Whether it was during a fond memory with her father who referred to them as "nature's helicopters" while feeding the ducks at the park or while settling in to watch Gilmore Girls with her mother after coming home from school, dragonflies symbolized happier times spent with family.  


Now, while walking the trails of Charlotte's Greenway with her husband and two young children, Brittney will often spot a dragonfly and her heart will flutter.  In fact, dragonflies seem to pop up in her daily life constantly!

The fond memories she has of her parents, who both passed away too young, come flooding back.  It spurs Brittney into action, motivates her to live each day to its fullest, and brings the opportunity to focus on what truly matters most to her.  


Dragonfly Homes comes straight from Brittney's heart, and the hearts and brilliant minds of the team will help to keep it beating.  Together, in unison, like the wings of a dragonfly hovering nearby, they aim to fly high.